International Conference for Smart Materials 2022

12. – 15. SEPTEMBER 2022



2nd International Conference
for Smart Materials

12. – 14. September

The focus of this conference is to bring together an international and diverse research community with leading academic scientists and researchers with different backgrounds as well as researchers from industry to share their latest findings on smart materials. The conference emphasizes not only on the material science and engineering side, but also on tangible user interfaces and smart manufacturing.


1st Workshop on Functional Nano
Structured Sustainable Materials

14. – 15. September

We are inviting bachelor, master and PhD students, postdocs as well as scientists from research and industry to get introduced into the fascinating properties of green chemistry and sustainable functional materials, e.g. porous tannin based materials. We perform many lab-on experiments learning how to synthesize and characterize these materials.

More information on the conference website.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Salzburg.