SCSM Meets SALZ 21

In the frame of the business and innovation fair SALZ21 the Salzburg Center for Smart Materials (SCSM) had the chance to present their work with the workshop “Material Revolution: Sustainable and Innovative” and an exhibition called “Material Speculations”. Core topics of the workshop were Green Engineering, Circular Economy and bio-based Smart Materials. Sustainable materials research plays a crucial role in the development of innovative solutions to the global challenges in the areas of energy, resources, mobility and health. In the workshop, the researchers from the SCSM opened up the space for discussing the development of new, functional and intelligent systems such as materials, surfaces, actuators or sensors tailor-made for Industry 4.0 and increasing digitalization. In the interactive exhibition “Material Speculations”, we invited visitors to touch and interact with smart and biogenic materials of tomorrow.

Photos by Antoni Rayzhekov and Johannes Jorda. Editing by Susanna Vogel.