The knowledge transfer center SCSM – Salzburg Center for Smart Materials at the Itzling site aims to bundle the potential of materials research available in the Salzburg area and to enable the transfer of this knowledge from basic research to a translational research and transfer agenda for industry. The SCSM aims to create the necessary collaborations to build critical mass, achieve synergies and develop human resources based on the science-driven, knowledge-oriented research expertise at the universities (FHS and PLUS). The aim is also to foster the dialog between business and science in the field of “Smart Materials” in order to optimize the knowledge and technology transfer competence of the center and the orientation of the research agenda from the learning experiences, but also to sustainably improve the networking in Salzburg’s RTI system between science and business. The intended specialization in the research and transfer agenda within the framework of the two modules, the focus on biogenic technologies and Salzburg’s (alpine) “lead material” wood, as well as the interdisciplinary integration of the research competence “Human Computer Interaction” is not only to provide the regional economy with future-oriented access to research and technology, but also to achieve a supraregional and unique position compared to other regions.

middle-term goals
  • Presentation of the competence of the research partners through cooperation in the interface area of classical material sciences, biogenic materials as well as functionalized and interactive surfaces and interfaces;
  • High visibility and perception of the transfer center in the Salzburg, but also in the national/international environment, through interdisciplinary research on multifunctional smart materials;
  • Sustainable development of a critical mass of expertise and know-how in a research center that is physically located and visible in Salzburg/Itzling;
  • Improving industry-science relations and building international collaborations to better leverage scientific and industrial competencies in an interdisciplinary and translational research context;
  • Better development of research fields through new cooperation projects with the aim of expanding the research and innovation base for new products, processes and services or improving the regional innovation, application and technology base through the sustainable establishment of broad dissemination and technology transfer measures.
long-term goals
  • Establishment of materials and manufacturing expertise in Salzburg,
  • Qualification and retention of young scientists for Salzburg,
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of domestic industry through materials-based product innovations,
  • Creating incentives to increase R&D intensity in companies and give them access to more R&D activities. As a concrete and sustainable project result, the establishment of large-scale projects (e.g. Christian Doppler Laboratory, Ressel Center or K-projects) is planned, in which key topics or results will be pursued and intensified.
research partners
University of Salzburg

FB Chemie und Physik der Materialien
Jakob-Haringer Str. 2A
A-5020 Salzburg

University of Salzburg

Center for Human-Computer Interaction
Jakob-Harringer Str. 8 Techno 5
A-5020 Salzburg

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Holz und Biogene Technologien
Campus Kuchl Markt 136a
5431 Kuchl


The “Salzburg Center for Smart Materials” project is accompanied by an advisory board to ensure that the topics relevant to the stakeholders are addressed during the project. The project advisory board is composed of important representatives of the innovation landscape of Salzburg. It serves as a driving force for the needs of business, politics and administration.

The following institutions are represented on the advisory board:

  • Atomic Austria GmbH
  • AustroCel Hallein GmbH
  • Pongauer Jägerzaun GmbH
  • Weinberger-abtenau GmbH
  • Zell-Metall GmbH Engineering Plastics by Klepsch Group
  • AB Mikroelektronik GmbH
  • Alba tooling & engineering GmbH
  • E-P-C Ebetsberger Partner CNC GmbH
  • Freisinger Fensterbau GmbH
  • Kaiser GmbH
  • Kobleder GmbH
  • KTM Technologies GmbH
  • Palfinger AG
  • Salzburger Aluminium Group
  • Salzburg Wohnbau GmbH
  • Voglauer Gschwandtner & Zwilling GmbH
  • D&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH

Advisory Board Speaker: Herr DI Helmut Holzer / Atomic GmbH
Advisory Board Deputy: Herr DI Johann A. Weinberger / Weinberger-Holz GmbH